Just now, I feel so sad...
I know I have been so long time not wrtting blogs here.
For here is the place I would use to put some secrets.

This time, as the title said, I feel so sad.
It is because of my father.

Almost 7:00PM in the evening, he just told my mother he wanted to have dinner in Jiading, considering that would be too late, and won't be home tonight.
It sound OK, but, it made mother angry and grieve.

Of couse, the purpose of father's going to Jiading was working.
And then, after its ending, my father drave to the LIVE FASHION RESTAURANT to enjoy his meal.

The very reason of my mother's sarrow is that, father,himself, could have decieded to drive downtown area and ask mother and I to have dinner with.
Sadly, he decided to ralex himself, which I think to be indulge himeself into the actions against moral conventions.

"I'll have dinner here.
Because of my favourite beer-drinking, I won't go back home this night, except you come here and pick me back.
...... Oh, you will be here? OK, I cannot prevent your coming. Remember, be careful to the trafic accident. ......"

It is full with sadness in my heart, also the same in my mother's, I think.
What my father did and said, is just like hehave like a hoodlum!!!

I know it maybe the ralex or the success to ejoy the meal outside and hearing the formula above the dinner table.
But, I want to ask WHY? Why must he did that in uptown area? He could choiced to drive home first, parking his car and then to have supper with his family, both inside and outside are OK.

This moment, I am feeling sad. I know that doesn't mean father will never love us any more. His love  is still there, but expressed in our unconscious ways.

It still just be his own RALEXATION, with our tears in hearts.
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